Wednesday, March 30, 2011

part 5 (shes a little shorter)

It felt as though some force from beyond granted Will with a wind, that practically carried him to work. There was no glisten on his forehead or nose, per usual. There was no heavy breathing, or taking a minute to calm down. He felt fantastic. Like this day couldn’t get any better. But he knew it could. He knew it would. And he let himself believe, and fantasize, and smile, just a little.
            Sure enough, around 1 o’clock, that same girl strolled in, with the same, jaw dropping smile. Will smiled, and was happy to be the only person working out front. “i’ll have the same as yesterday, Mr. Will.” She added the Mr Will, dramatically, like a mock rich family on cheap television. He laughed at her and admired her courage for being so energetic, and so careless, with a boy she hardly even knew. He turned, without much more word and started working on her drink.
            He handed it back to her, with a little extra oomph on his presenting of the drink. “and here you go, Mrs...” and he trailed of with that, remembering her name was still a mystery. He  almost instantly felt like a fool, and tried his best to fight the red cheeks that were sure to come. For the first time, her smile was not radiant, and not beaming, but slightly shy, thought Will, and wondered if he crossed some line into dangerous territory. Promoting from ‘coffee guy’ to ‘creepy coffee guy.’
            This smile lingered, and her eye contact penetrated Will, right to his soul. She turned, and began to walk out of the store. Then, one hand on the door turned, back again with the usual, oddly comforting smile, “its Erica.” With a giggle, she was gone, leaving will fluttered and clammy.


  1. Great story.

  2. Awesome little story. Love to hear more

  3. Will's attitude towards life does change rapidly. You sure he's not bipolar?

  4. Looking forward to the next one

  5. Vey nice
    will be waiting for the next installment :P

  6. woah can't wait for the next one!