Wednesday, March 30, 2011

part 5 (shes a little shorter)

It felt as though some force from beyond granted Will with a wind, that practically carried him to work. There was no glisten on his forehead or nose, per usual. There was no heavy breathing, or taking a minute to calm down. He felt fantastic. Like this day couldn’t get any better. But he knew it could. He knew it would. And he let himself believe, and fantasize, and smile, just a little.
            Sure enough, around 1 o’clock, that same girl strolled in, with the same, jaw dropping smile. Will smiled, and was happy to be the only person working out front. “i’ll have the same as yesterday, Mr. Will.” She added the Mr Will, dramatically, like a mock rich family on cheap television. He laughed at her and admired her courage for being so energetic, and so careless, with a boy she hardly even knew. He turned, without much more word and started working on her drink.
            He handed it back to her, with a little extra oomph on his presenting of the drink. “and here you go, Mrs...” and he trailed of with that, remembering her name was still a mystery. He  almost instantly felt like a fool, and tried his best to fight the red cheeks that were sure to come. For the first time, her smile was not radiant, and not beaming, but slightly shy, thought Will, and wondered if he crossed some line into dangerous territory. Promoting from ‘coffee guy’ to ‘creepy coffee guy.’
            This smile lingered, and her eye contact penetrated Will, right to his soul. She turned, and began to walk out of the store. Then, one hand on the door turned, back again with the usual, oddly comforting smile, “its Erica.” With a giggle, she was gone, leaving will fluttered and clammy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

part 4. BOUT TIME

Supper was nice, but rather akward. When he arrived, the waitressed asked if he was waiting for someone before he wanted to be seated. “no, just me” he replied, with a sheepish grin. On his way to his table, he passed 2 couples, and 1 family, all 3 of them seemed happy, and were laughin. A pang of jealousy shot through his stomach, a creeping, longing for companionship. Even a friend.
            He ate, paid and was on his way, walking home, and skipping the taxi this time. He was almost halfway home, when he seen a man on the side of the road, selling clocks that had been installed on rims for cars.
            This man was aging, and not aging friendly either. He had wrinkles, a scuzzy beard, and 4 good teeth left. But with all of this, he still smiled at everyone, nodded, and asked how there night was. This struck Will, as common chivalry seemed dead, extinct, non existant in this busy, money controlled city. The clocks also reminded will that he had made a deal to buy something for his apartment. So he picked a rim that was shiny, and had spindle spokes, and bought it for 15 dollars. “not too bad of a deal” he decided.
            He was greeted by a very happy, very lonely dog. “poor thing, not used to being home alone at night.”  The dog responded to the attention with some semi controlled whines, and intense tail movements. Will showered, and climbed into his bed, taking a long look out his window, wondering how far exactly, and which direction home was. ‘don’t think of home you silly silly boy’ he told himself. ‘today is the first day you felt good, and alive. Not the depressed mope you have been’
            Sleep came quick, and morning came right after. He awoke, usual time, usual voice on the radio, same dog, lying loyally by his feet, same window, at the bottom of the stairs where the sun attacked him through the blinds, but different mentality. Today, he was truly excited for his job. He felt unbeatable, ready to take on anything that dare try and stop him.
ok guys.

i'll be honest,
life picked up, i felt good, relationship was great,

i stopped caring about this.

but now,  things took a shitty turn, and i am feeling like opening up to writing again.

sorry to all those i let down. :(

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


on my way to school now,

will make part 4 when i am home.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


so i was drinking last night, and i fell off of a car that was going really fast, and killed my middle finger.

typing sucks. :P
so maybe one more day before part 4. :(
sorry again

Saturday, March 5, 2011

sorry fellow friends

i am going to have to skip a day here.
just no  time.
homework and midterms have me SWAMPED.
hopefully i can write one tomorrow morning. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

part 3

He began his jog home. His daily burdens began circling his head again. He could picture his room, small and plain. A few posters around his room, one of ACDC and one with a hayabusa motorbike. His double bed, with a sky blue comforter. And his pillow, held tightly to his ears. No matter how hard he pushed on the pillow, he could still hear his parents screaming, a bottle smash. His sister in the next room, crying. Begging for them to stop.
            He was pulled from this memory when he seen his neighbour jogging towards him. Will prepared to say hello, but seen the man wearing headphones. So a quick wave was all he got. The sidewalk stretched out ahead of him again, pulling him back into his world of thought.
            It just started with her. The girl from the coffee shop earlier that day. She was standing infront of him, giving him that beautiful smile she had. Will’s thoughts jumped to a new scene. The two of them were sitting in the park, laughing about something. He had to pull himself from this. “stop thinking about her, you wont ever see her again anyway.” He half heartedly tried to convince himself. Without admitting it, he definitely hoped the girl was going to come back the next morning.
            His afternoon went pretty calmly, mostly just playing videogames and cruising some forums. Thinking about his own life almost depressed him. The lack of friends, the lack of company. Without his dog, he would surely have gone mad by now.
            He decided to break this bump in life. That evening, he showered, and put on his dress pants and a button up shirt. Something that he had not done since he moved to the city. The lady that came into the coffee shop earlier, the one with the cake had mentioned about going to a nice Chinese restaurant for a birthday party. It was called “ho lucky’s.” Will decided that he was going out for supper. Even if it was alone. He needed to get out of his dreary apartment.
            He had not been living there long enough to establish a sense of “home”. His place still lacked the little things that could make a house, a home. He didn’t have a fancy kitchen theme, like the apple border, and apple salt/pepper shakers he grew up with. He didn’t have antiques displayed around his TV room. “hell” he thought, “my TV room doesn’t even have one picture”.He decided that after supper, he was going to go out and buy at least one decoration for his house. Everything  had to start somewhere, and his was going to be with this one decoration. He thought maybe a unique art work, or even a little knick knack, like a metal figurine.
            And with that, he set out to supper, trying on a new outlook on life. Although it was a mild night, he decided he could take a taxi. No point in getting sweaty or fatigued before supper. He could always walk home and work it off.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

part 2

His day started pretty normally, and he received only one glare from Quinn, after asking a customer about a cake they were carrying. That’s when she walked in. “hmm. Not a regular... for once” he thought to himself. He stood behind the till, waiting for her to make her order. She was pondering over the menu sign above.
            “i am new at this whole, fancy coffee thing.” She said with a voice that could melt butter. “i was wondering if there are any drinks you would recommend?”   “uhhhhhh” he stammered in response. This was a new question to him. He was just the worker, no one asked him what they should get. He took a quick look around the store for Quinn. He must be outback. “well, the mocha latte is my favourite. Especially if you add hazelnut.” She flashed a friendly smile, making eye contact, and pausing just a little too long. “b-but, its kind of expensive.”  She was still smiling at him. What was she thinking about? Probably making fun of his selection. Could there be a girlier drink? “it sounds delicious. I’ll take one”
            He rang her up, and turned around to make it. He wasn’t sure why, but he noticed how much effort he was putting into this drink. Actually taking the time to stir the hazelnut in, circling the whipped cream, and spreading out the chocolate shavings, instead of a hasty clump in the center. When he turned back, she was watching very intently. “careful... its probably hot.” Was the only cheesey thing he could mutter to the girl. She thanked him, and blessed him with one more smile before leaving.
            “you’re a fool” he argued to himself. “she was gorgeous. Those smiles were simply being polite. She didn’t think you were cute. You’re wearing a god damned collar shirt with a visor to match.” “yes, but the eye contact. That was a seller. Smiles are nice, eye contact like that is extra” his self debate was cut short when Quinn came back out front.
            “WILL! What the hell are you doing lollygagging around? Do I pay you to stand there and look pretty? I sure as hell hope not! Get working’! mop the floor, wash some dishes, grind some new chocolate. I don’t care, just get busy!” and with that, Quinn grabbed his jacket and was out the door. Luckily there were no customers standing around to see that ‘colorful display’, although it wouldn’t be a first for ‘ol Quinn to fly off the handle with an audience to witness.
Will decided he would mop the floor, this was a easy task that took no real thought or effort. The rest of his shift crawled past, with not even another exciting outburst from Quinn, or hardly a customer to pass the time. By 3:00, when his shift had ended, Will had (slowly even) mopped, washed every table, cleaned all of the mugs and blenders, shaved the whole hunk of chocolate, and even dusted off the lights. He felt proud of his work, although he knew no one would notice.

part 1

it started with the desert. a long, endless expanse, hills of sand every way. blazing sun, bouncing off his back. he had seen the jeep, and it's driver, but he didn't see their face... her face, he corrected himself, definitely a female driver. after seeing someone, anyone else in this place, he suddenly felt very alone. "why had she not stopped?" he wondered to himself. the feeling of alone was suffocating. if he yelled, no one would hear him. he didn't even know where he was. he spun in circles, searching the land for the jeep, hoping he could flag them down, but it was just sand, every way.
      the landscape he was seeing, his surroundings started to fade and blur. he could hear someone talking in the background. he jolted upright, alone in his bed. shimmering with sweat, and out of breath.
         early morning sun was sneaking through his curtains. his alarm was going off. it must be 5:30 already, he thought. he rolled out of bed, and shut off the alarm. "what a way to live, eh?"  his dog gave him a puzzled look, and put his head back down for more rest.
       he threw on a pair of grey jogging pants, and a white undershirt. looking around his room, he found the matching grey hoodie. he stumbled downstairs, squinting at the window, that showered him with light.  he threw some bread in the toaster, and scooped a cup full of food for barley, his dog.
Grabbing his backpack, he headed out the door and began his run to work. He loved running, but hated it at the same time. He loved being in shape, looking as his neighbourhood, and seeing the people he knew, but he hated how running left only his thoughts to himself. It was always the same thoughts running through his head. Memories of his parents, and how they were so disappointed when he said he was moving to the city, to get a job instead of going to business school, like they had planned. The scholarship for football he shot down, so he could start fresh, and the worst of them all, the girl he had left behind. He always fixed this last though, by reminding himself their relationship was going downhill.
            Soon enough, he had arrived at the destination. “quinn’s coffe”  a small coffee shop on the corner that had hired him. He dreaded word every day here. Dreaded the same old people, that mindlessly came in every day, to get the same coffee every day. He hated his co workers, and most of all, hated Mr. Fletcher. Quinn Fletcher was the owner of this coffee shop, and only cared about the money. He did not allow long conversation with customers, or joking among workers. He was the worst part of this job. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

short story 1.

first attempt at a short story.
i am not sure how this will go,
also, i am taking a short (like, 4 paragraph story) i read once by anonymous, and i am going to expand it.
so, this being a learning curve,
lets see how this goes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

12 AM radio off

first night, i feel good about my new blog. :)
time to go to bed.

the details

well, basically, i am creating this blog as a place to store my short stories that i think i am interested in writing.
i will find out here if  i actually like to write by finding out if they are any good or not.
and also if i write 1,2 or 15.

so, stick around, you may be the first follower of a someday famous author.