Tuesday, March 29, 2011

part 4. BOUT TIME

Supper was nice, but rather akward. When he arrived, the waitressed asked if he was waiting for someone before he wanted to be seated. “no, just me” he replied, with a sheepish grin. On his way to his table, he passed 2 couples, and 1 family, all 3 of them seemed happy, and were laughin. A pang of jealousy shot through his stomach, a creeping, longing for companionship. Even a friend.
            He ate, paid and was on his way, walking home, and skipping the taxi this time. He was almost halfway home, when he seen a man on the side of the road, selling clocks that had been installed on rims for cars.
            This man was aging, and not aging friendly either. He had wrinkles, a scuzzy beard, and 4 good teeth left. But with all of this, he still smiled at everyone, nodded, and asked how there night was. This struck Will, as common chivalry seemed dead, extinct, non existant in this busy, money controlled city. The clocks also reminded will that he had made a deal to buy something for his apartment. So he picked a rim that was shiny, and had spindle spokes, and bought it for 15 dollars. “not too bad of a deal” he decided.
            He was greeted by a very happy, very lonely dog. “poor thing, not used to being home alone at night.”  The dog responded to the attention with some semi controlled whines, and intense tail movements. Will showered, and climbed into his bed, taking a long look out his window, wondering how far exactly, and which direction home was. ‘don’t think of home you silly silly boy’ he told himself. ‘today is the first day you felt good, and alive. Not the depressed mope you have been’
            Sleep came quick, and morning came right after. He awoke, usual time, usual voice on the radio, same dog, lying loyally by his feet, same window, at the bottom of the stairs where the sun attacked him through the blinds, but different mentality. Today, he was truly excited for his job. He felt unbeatable, ready to take on anything that dare try and stop him.


  1. I love days that I wake up and feel like that, they are the best. Especially after crappy nights.

  2. If it's something that I know it'll kill me when I'm older...that's routine. at the moment I'm enjoying the little spices of life :) Story is going pretty well. Keep it up!

  3. Keep em coming. Like these short stories.